Google is rebranding ‘Google Cast’ to ‘Chromecast built-in’

Google is rebranding ‘Google Cast’ to ‘Chromecast built-in’

In a subtle announcement made by the way of a change in the Google Cast handle on Twitter, Google has indicated that it is, once again, rebranding its most popular hardware product - Chromecast.

According to indications from the Twitter handle change, Google Cast has now been rebranded to Chromecast again; with the name of the hardware product to precisely be 'Chromecast built-in' for third-parties.

Google Cast is the name which Google had given for most of its Chromecast ecosystem in March 2016, underscoring a change of name from Chromecast. That move implied that the name Google Cast - which has, since long, been the name of the Chromecast APIs for developers - was brought by Google to consumer devices as a branding for OEMs integrating Google Cast technology into their products.

However, with Google apparently having flip-flopped on the Chromecast branding again, a company spokesperson said: "We're rebranding Google Cast to 'Chromecast built-in' to help users identify the technology that they've come to enjoy and appreciate.

With the spokesperson also stating that "The new branding officially starts in 2017," after a gradual rollout in the meantime, it is being speculated that more products - like TVs from Toshiba and Vizio - will be labeled with 'Chromecast built-in' rather than Google Cast in the near future.