Google Photos app updated to include themed ‘concept movies’ and in-app sharing

Google Photos app updated to include themed ‘concept movies’ and in-app sharing

In a blog post released on Monday, Google has revealed that it has enhanced the Google Photos app with some notable new features, which mainly include themed ‘concept movies’ and in-app photo-sharing capabilities.

The new themed ‘concept movies’ feature added by Google to the Photos app will basically unfold algorithmically-generated videos based on the users’ content. The feature will be capable of automatically putting together a user’s photos with similar content, thereby creating slideshow movies based on the gathered photos.

Though the Photos app already offered movie creation capabilities, but those were chiefly limited only to the shots gathered from the users’ recently uploaded photos. Now, the app creates movies by culling similar content from the users’ entire photo album.

About the key idea behind the themed 'concept movies' feature, Google’s Tim Novikoff -- whose video-editing firm Fly Labs was acquired by Google in 2015 -- said that Google thought of leveraging its advancements in deep learning and computer vision “to make movies that are emotionally powerful — that make your really smile, or even make you cry and reminisce and show your family.”

Meanwhile, so far as the new in-app photo-sharing feature is concerned, Google Photos users can now share photos across multiple OS platforms.

The updated Google Photos app with new features is now available for Android, iOS and the web app.