Google Negotiates for a New Campus

Google Campus

Google has been a major player in California's tech industry for almost as long as that industry has existed, but the industry giant is still seeking expansion. The company plans to purchase sixteen parcels of land located in downtown San Jose from the city's government, with the intention of using that space to build a giant corporate campus. The space will include a huge number of offices, housing units, and other structures, with a total size of six to eight million square feet. There are even plans to include a significant amount of transportation infrastructure in the project, to make sure that it doesn't put any strain on the city's existing roads and public transportation.

Negotiations over the project, which is expected to lead to 20,000 new jobs in San Jose, have already begun. The city council of San Jose held a vote to decide if it should enter into exclusive negotiations with Google over the sale of the property. The council approved the motion, with a majority that was significant but not quite unanimous.

That vote does not mean that the matter has been finalized. It only authorizes the government to negotiate with Google, and it does not constitute an agreement to sell the property or full approval for the project. This gives both the city government and Google a chance to listen to any concerns that local groups have about the project, and to adjust their plans or the deal to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the arrangement. Both organizations have already promised to do so throughout the entirety of the ongoing negotiation process.

The lots that are up for negotiation are also not the only properties that have caught Google's eye. The company has already purchased a number of lots in the area, which means that some development is likely even if the sales fall through.