Google Glass Enterprise Edition reportedly listed for sale on eBay

Google Glass Enterprise Edition reportedly listed for sale on eBay

In an apparent indication that the next-generation Google Glass smartglass version -- the much rumored ‘Enterprise Edition -- is currently under development at Google, a recently-spotted eBay auction has revealed the unreleased new Glass model.

Reporting that one unit of the supposedly-forthcoming Enterprise Edition of the Google Glass is at sale on eBay, 9to5Google has revealed that, on Saturday, March 19, it spotted an eBay auction which was simply titled ‘Google Glass (black).’

According to the 9to5Google report, the apparent Google Glass Enterprise Edition unit -- possibly a prototype -- has been put up for sale on the eBay page of a San Francisco-based pawn shop, A-to-Z Pawnbrokers. At the time of the spotting of the auction, the Glass unit being sold on eBay was listed at $3,350 in terms of bids.

The images accompanying the eBay auction for a possible prototype of the yet-to-be-launched Google Glass Enterprise Edition eyewear are noticeably similar to the images in Google’s FCC filing for the new Glass model in December 2015.

As per the 9to5Google report, the images of the Glass version being sold on eBay specifically show some of the new-to-Glass features, including a folding hinge, an outward-facing LED light, and a different charging interface.