Google announces re-branded virtual keyboard – ‘Gboard’ – for Android users

Google announces re-branded virtual keyboard – ‘Gboard’ – for Android users

In a recent announcement, Google said that the company’s Google Keyboard application for Android users is now available to users as a re-branded and updated virtual keyboard called ‘Gboard.’

Announcing that Gboard is the company’s new keyboard app available on Android, Google said that the app boasts full integration with Google Search engine, emoji and GIF search, among other things.

In officially announcing the new re-branded Gboard virtual keyboard, Google said that the new app features some of the widely-liked features such as Glide and voice typing, along with some new things -- such as built-in Google search and multilingual typing -- which users will be able to enjoy while typing.

Google is hopeful that the new additions which it has brought to its newly-named Gboard keyboard app will probably convince people to switch to the app if they are still looking for other virtual keyboards.

Revealing that the Gboard keyboard app is now being rolled out to all the markets across the world, Google said that the app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The company also revealed that, at launch, the app works in more than 100 languages; with more languages to be added in due course of time.