Google announces Data Center Mural Project

Google announces Data Center Mural Project

In a post on its official blog last week, tech biggie Google announced the Data Center Mural Project, with the objective of highlighting the importance of data centers in the present-day IT infrastructure.

Announcing the Data Center Mural Project, Google said that the project is essentially aimed at making the public understand the significance of data centers -- the buildings in which servers are stored, mostly under heavy security -- and look at these facilities in a different way.

Since data centers have largely been in the shadow thus far, despite being a crucial component of modern IT infrastructure, Google's Data Center Mural Project underscores an effort by Google to advertise the presence of data centers in the world, with the help of murals created by artists.

The Data Center Mural Project has been launched by Google in two cities --- Mayes County in Oklahoma and St. Ghislain in Belgium. At both the places, Google has hired local artists to paint something original and representative on the outside walls of its data centers.

The mural at Google's Mayes County, Oklahoma, data center will be created by artist Jenny Odell, who will chiefly focus on images from Google Maps satellite footage for the mural. The Google data center at St. Ghislain, Belgium, will be decorated by street artist Oli-B, whose mural will be inspired by the cloud.