The Golden State Stages A fight with the Federal Government over Risky immigration


Immigration remains a very fraught issue in the United States as we dig deeper into 2018. However, it has been more fraught for California than in any other state in the federal government. The question on the force to be used in enforcing the existing law and how it should be done is often a matter of conflict in the political circles. It has not come as a surprise that president Trump and his administration have provoked California state officials who consider themselves as members of the White House Policy resistance. There has been lots of gray area that has not been polished over the years as a result of uneven rhetoric and enforcement which has led to contrasting approaches that were undertaken by the Obama administration.

State authorities have taken a more aggressive action which is almost certain to trigger a legal battle with the US government under the leadership of President Donald Trump who has imposed very stringent and sometimes controversial policies on immigration. For instance, President Trump rescinded the Deferred Action Against Childhood Arrivals program which protects immigrants who are undocumented from being deported from the US. DACA was instituted by the Obama administration to offer protection to over 800,000 immigrants who came to the US as children.

The ideal course of action by the California state officials to avoid any conflict with the feds would have been to stake out defensible actions behind the protections that have been provided under state law that was secured for immigrants who had not been documented by the federal government. The conflict with the feds is likely to blow up on the faces of the Golden State officials. The US government has already started to bring more comprehensive scrutiny to the immigrants who are already living and working in the US illegally. As of today, the White House intends to slap a subpoena from the Department of Justice on 23 jurisdictions which are heavily concentrated in the state of California.

The subpoena targets entities that do not issue the feds regarding their sanctuary policies voluntarily. The decision has led to a spate of challenges for policies that have been instituted by the federal government including a lawsuit by San Francisco to block the US government’s attempt to have federal funds withheld for jurisdictions that violate federal law. The Democrats in the state have waged a fight against the immigration policies instituted by the Trump administration in both the House and the Senate.