Glendale Tech Week 2017 Trends


For its second year, the Glendale Tech Week amped up the options. With more attendees, special speakers and additional locations for their events, Glendale’s Economic Development Division focused on improving their role as organizers and innovators for their now annual event. Through tours and talks, as well as panels and parties, Glendale’s Tech Week gave guests networking opportunities and unique exposure to emerging 2017 trends in the local tech community.

What began in January of 2016 as a community strategy for modern city development now manifests as an annual 4-day event hosted by Glendale’s City Council. During this convention, vendors and speakers highlight their latest tools or techniques for creating innovative and sustainable city environments. Competitions for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the industry open up new paths to funding and recognition, which works towards propelling their technology to the next level. Job fairs take the convention’s natural networking benefits a step farther by showcasing tech companies currently seeking prospective employees.

Speakers and sponsors from locally and nationally known brands add clout to the impact Glendale’s Tech Week has for its residents and visitors from the surrounding areas. Partnerships with other annual tech events, like the Hackathon sponsored by Valley Economic Alliance, boost interest and attendance for a wide range of people involved with or new to the tech industry.

Glendale’s City Council drafted their tech strategy to target development through three different measures. Their Tech Week vendors and featured participants address the local educational needs, current ecosystem factors and the impact of neighboring cities as primary concerns. This has now included products or services that increase the ease of use or accessibility of technology for individuals or other businesses in the industry.

Because the Tech Week is expected to be scheduled on a yearly basis, Glendale’s Economic Development Division continuously recruits volunteers, sponsors and speakers throughout the year. While the city’s council reports a second-year increase in questions and interest in programming opportunities, the contests and job fairs featured representatives from several divisions of the tech market.