Girl Scout Sold 312 Boxes of Cookies Outide Of San Diego Marijuana Dispensary

Girl Scout

Over the weekend, the story of a Girl Scout who sold 312 boxes of cookies in front of a recreational marijuana dispensary in San Diego became popular as it was posted on social media.

The girl was selling cookies in front of Urbn Leaf, in the San Diego neighborhood of Bay Park. The owners of the dispensary consented to her solicitation activities. As a matter of fact, they even promoted her via social media. That is how the story blew up. They posted a picture on Instagram of a Girl Scout standing in front of Urbn Leaf. Underneath the picture, they put a caption that promoted both their products and the girl's products--cleverly referencing the Girl Scout Cookies strain of marijuana.

Apparently, the fact that the girl sold cookies in front of the dispensary is a big controversy because it may have been against the rules of the Girl Scouts. Even though the owners of the dispensary consented to her solicitation of cookies, Urbn Leaf is not on a list of businesses that Girl Scouts are supposed to sell in front of. If Girl Scouts partake in selling cookies, they are only allowed to set up booths in front of businesses on the list. This rule is in place so that Girl Scouts and their parents don't receive serious penalties from the authorities for solicitation.

If a Girl Scout wants to get past this rule, she can use a rolling cart. However, this is only permitted in residential areas for door-to-door sales.

The identity of the Girl Scout is currently unknown. The exact details of the situation are also unknown, so it's difficult for the leaders of the Girl Scouts organization to determine which rules were broken—if any. If the girl's identity was known, and if it was found out that she broke any rules, the situation would be judged and the matter would be dealt with in a private, personal way.