George Lucas' Billion Dollar Museum Gets Thumbs Up By LA Mayor And City Council


Consider this:

Brilliant filmmaker George Lucas turned Star Wars into "the most profitable movie product in history."

The billionaire is now giving back to Los Angeles in a major way in the construction of a huge building that will span eight football fields, contain five stories and look like a galactic starfighter. Best of all, the public can visit and enjoy Lucas' legacy without being nailed as taxpayers. Lucas will be financing the plan solo.

The project is called the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, and it just received the green light to proceed with construction as the LA City Council unanimously voted to approve the $1.5 billion plan. The LosAngelesDailyNews reports that the project will be housed at Exposition Park and feature a wide variety of Lucas' personal collecion of movie memorabilia, paintings and illustrations.

The gigantic project hopes to break ground by the end of this year. The spaceship-designed museum building has a completion date of 2021.

Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson were present at City Hall for Tuesday's vote with the council and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti. Everyone is excited about the future site which will add even more arts and culture to the area. Lucas is targetting the museum towards adolescents, the same age group he focused on when he created the epic Star Wars movie. He told L.A. City Hall that he hopes young people can feel inspired to go beyond the small path in life they have carved out and think big about the possibilities.

Los Angeles was not the first pick for Lucas' museum project. The celebrated filmmaker had hoped San Francisco would welcome the project there in 2010, but he was turned down. Then he and Mellody Hobson tried the city of Chicago, her hometown, but preservationists didn't like the lakefront location and also voted it down.

Mellody Hobson will serve as chair of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.