Flu Running Rampant In California


The high number of people who have the flu in California is taking a toll on hospitals, doctor's offices, and medical supplies. Some pharmacies no longer have the medications that are needed to relieve flu symptoms. There are also more people who have died from the flu in California this season than in years past. Almost 30 people under the age of 65 have died from the flu since the season started in October. Last year, there were only three deaths in the same period of time.

California isn't the only state that has been impacted by the flu. Most states have seen an increase in the number of cases reported and the numbers of deaths reported from the illness. Around 140 flu patients are usually treated in hospitals in California depending on the size of the city. However, many hospitals, such as UCLA Medical Center, are treating over 200 patients a day who are suffering from the flu. The last time that some hospitals saw over 200 patients in a day was right after the Northridge earthquake.

Some health care officials think that there is an uptick in flu cases because the season started earlier. The peak of the season is usually in February. At least 68 people died last year from the flu. If numbers continue to increase this season, then there will likely be more than that who die this year. There isn't an area of California that doesn't have flu cases as the illness seems to be taking over. Paramedics and ambulances are strained because of the number of calls that have been made. Doctor's offices are calling in more workers to deal with the high number of cases. The H3N2 flu virus is spreading, which is a strain that is difficult to combat and that vaccines usually don't stand up against.