Fitness trackers apparently useless in improving chances of losing weight, research suggests

Fitness trackers apparently useless in improving chances of losing weight, research suggests

According to a research the activity device you wear to count the steps taken by you apparently doesn’t enhance the odds of shedding weight.

Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the two-year long study included roughly 500 overweight volunteers, who were being asked to go on diet and do more exercise.

Nearly 50% of them were provided with a fitness tracker to help them keep a check. The group including such participants had shed less weight in comparison to the other one by the trial’s end.

As per the study authors, this doesn’t mean people should discard the technology altogether, but also mentioned that they mustn’t blindly believe in them at least as a slimming help.

The manufacturers of such technology said that the technology has seen almost a sea change since the study. They mentioned that their own study suggested that activity trackers can be helpful in shedding pounds alongside exercise regimes and diet.

Activity trackers are very popular but there aren’t many studies seeing what real affect they have on fitness and weight levels.

The research performed by the University of Pittsburgh was among the first randomized trials to collect such proof. As per the investigators, during the course of the research, the volunteers wore the fitness trackers had shed, on average, roughly 3.6kgs. The controlled group that didn’t get such devices, in comparison, shed nearly 5.9kgs.

According to the study authors, there are a number of probable explanations for such an unexpected so far, no evidence.

Main researcher Dr John Jakicic said: “People have a tendency to use gadgets like these for a while and then lose interest with time as the novelty wears off.And we did see a drop off in the usage data as the study went on”.