Fires in California Hurt Companies


The current wildfires in California are a huge issue for various reasons. Not only are people being displaced from their homes, but many small business owners face financial ruin. In times of crisis, few people ever think about small business owners in the impacted area.

However, many small business owners run on a tight budget. With a natural disaster like raging wildfires, it is difficult for the company to make any money. As a result, small business owners have to take on additional debt in order to keep the doors open. There are many small business owners who are still trying to recover from the last wildfire issue.

Economic Impact

There are numerous people who are leaving the impacted areas. As a result, the small businesses in the area are not receiving any new business.

It is difficult to estimate the total economic impact of a natural disaster like this one. However, many people believe that hundreds of small companies are going to face financial ruin as a result. For the people who work at a small business in the impacted area, they now have to worry about whether their job is safe.


The good news is that the government is trying to step in to help people in the impacted areas. Not only is financial assistance provided to people who live there, but many small business owners are getting loans from the government at a low rate of interest. Although this is not ideal, it is the best way for the companies to stay profitable.

This is a great example of why savings are so vital in small companies. Many small business owners wrongly assume that a natural will never impact their local area. However, it always makes sense to plan for the future. Building up a large amount of savings is the best way to protect your business financially.