Fire Nearly Contained As Officials Look For Help For Homeless


The wildfires in California are being contained, but the damage has already been done. Dozens of homes and businesses have been destroyed or damaged to the point that they are not inhabitable any longer. The Skirball fire is now at 93 percent contained. Officials have pinpointed that it started because of a fire that got out of control at a homeless camp. Numerous trucks and firefighters have worked day and night to try to get the fire contained. Now, there is a question as to what to do about the homeless population as well as the camps that are still set up in Los Angeles and other areas of California.

This particular fire destroyed at least six houses and damaged about a dozen more. Officials are not going to offer any further statements about the fire until it's almost fully contained. There have been no injuries aside from two firefighters who suffered minor injuries when they first started battling the blaze. The massive fire started on December 6 around 5 a.m. The people in the homeless camp were trying to stay warm and trying to cook a small meal. There isn't any information on specific suspects since the people who frequent the camp are not always the same each day.

Officials in the county are working with everyone from church groups to the Department of Social Services to try to find homes or other options for the people who create homeless camps. Agencies are trying to identify the specific needs that these people have. They are looking for family members to try to find assistance as well as shelters that might have room for the homeless to stay even for a short time. The goal is to get people away from areas where further fires could be started and reach a point that they are out of control.