Female Bears Settle Back Into Habitat After Wildfire


Two female bears that were displaced because of the wildfires in California are going back to their habitat. Reports say that the bears seem to be in good health. The bears were badly-injured and suffered third-degree burns after the biggest wildfire in California's history.

Wildlife officials treated the bears for their injuries. They used alternative treatments, such as fish skins, to treat the burns. They were released back into the wild after they were treated. One of the bears was pregnant. No one knows whether she gave birth.

The 2017 California wildfire season was one of the most destructive on record. The wildfire season was worsened by a severe drought season. California also suffered from widespread flooding, which temporarily stopped the fires. There were over 9,100 fires during the wildfire season.

The California wildfires caused over $13 billion in damage. Forty-five people died as the result of the fire, including one firefighter. One-hundred and ninety-nine people were injured as the result of the fires. Twelve firefighters were injured.

California wildfires damaged over 1,000 structures. Barbara Nimmo was one of the people who was affected by the fire. She stated that she lived in Romero Canyon for 40 years and was used to seeing fires. However, the fires that she saw during the last wildfire season was the worst that she had ever seen.

Dr. Antonio Wong was another person who was affected by the wildfires. He had two homes that were destroyed by California wildfires. Fortunately, he, his wife and son were able to escape the fires.

Experts believe that climate change may have caused the bad wildfires. Scientists believe that it is time to address the issue. California has made a number of changes to try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists think that the wildfires are a wakeup call.