Fascinating Facts about Stephen Hawking on his 74th birthday

Fascinating Facts about Stephen Hawking on his 74th birthday

Everybody knows the prominent personality Stephen Hawking, the author of ‘A Brief History of Time’. Born in the year 1942, today is his 74th birthday. He is well known for Penrose-Hawking theorems, Hawking radiation, and his book A Brief History of Time.

On his 74th birthday, here are some fascinating facts about the physicist that you can’t afford to miss. Hawking is suffering from an uncommon and slow-progressing form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also called Lou Gehrig's disease. Over the decades, the disease has paralyzed him.

In 1963, at the age of 21, he got diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, and that was the time when he was given a life expectancy of just two years by doctors. With the passage of time, he lost his ability to write, but developed visual methods like looking at equations in geometrical terms.

During school time, he has reputation of brashness, and was nicknamed 'Einstein', though he was just an average scorer. At the age of nine, his grades were among the worst in his class. He has always been keen in knowing how stuff worked. He even once admitted that he used to disassemble radios and clocks but was never aware how to fix them up back.

He completed his doctoral work in theoretical physics in the year 1966, with the submission of a thesis on black holes. In the year 1970, he came up with a discovery that black holes emit radiation.

Gradually, he even lost the use of his hand, and started controlling his communication device with the help of movements of his cheek muscles, in 2005. Stephen Hawking played a vital role in launching Breakthrough Initiatives last year, in an effort seeking for extra-terrestrial life and attempted to answer the question ‘Are we alone?’