A False Report of an Active Shooter Raises Fears on a Californian Campus

In California, a student recently offered his belt to his professor to help lock a door. The professor accepted the belt, and the door was secured shut. Other students decided to pitch in by sliding their desks over to the door to form a massive barricade. All of this was done out of the belief an active shooter was on the USC campus. However, it turns out there was no shooter at all. Instead, it is believed an unnamed professor incorrectly informed her students there was an active shooter roaming the campus. Through electronic communication, the false news quickly spread.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to the news. At one point, a helicopter circled the campus looking for the fictitious shooter. Eventually, it was determined that the shooter simply didn't exist. It was determined the professor who issued the false alarm was teaching in a third-story classroom in Fertitta Hall, a building associated with the business school. Police declined to release the name of the professor, but they said she is being detained and investigated by officals. The motive for the false statement also remains unclear. However, the police did state that the professor had some sort of episode.

While the active shooting turned out to be false, the emotions that ran through the campus on the afternoon of October 2, 2017 were very real. Some students and employees took shelter in various locations around campus. Another student reported how he simply ran when he heard the news. Many other students started calling their parents in tears.

Other students recounted a less stressful event. One student recounted sitting in a classroom taking an exam. The exam was interrupted by someone bursting into the room with orders to evacuate. Leaving their exams, the students quickly retreated to a safer area with the help of heavily armed police officers. This well-coordinated response gave the student absolutely no time to feel fear at all.

Naturally, the Las Vegas shooting that occurred the previous day was on everybody's mind as the events unfolded. Thankfully, the fear and devastation felt from the Las Vegas tragedy did not prevent students, employees, and police from acting promptly and effectively. At the end of day, the entire event could be chalked up as an unintended drill that played out successfully. Hopefully, the real thing will never occur.

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