Facebook will roll out new ‘Reactions’ button for users in coming weeks

Facebook will roll out new ‘Reactions’ button for users in coming weeks

According to a Bloomberg report, users of the Facebook social networking site will be able to hit the new 'Reactions' button in the next few weeks. The 'Reactions' button is Facebook's new alternative to the current 'Like' button; and the company has been testing 'Reactions' since this past fall.

Confirming the forthcoming availability of the 'Reactions' button to Facebook users worldwide, the company's Chief Product Officer Chris Cox told Bloomberg that 'Reactions' will give Facebook users the ability to express six different reactions to the posts of their friends.

The 'Reactions' button will basically unfold an 'emoji' bar next to the 'Like' button. Along with the familiar 'thumbs-up' emoji, Facebook users will be able to react to friends' posts with five other emojis for representing 'love,' 'haha,' 'wow,' 'sad,' and 'angry.'

The new bar of emojis which Facebook will unveil next to the 'Like' button will mark the addition of a welcome range of new emotions which can be used by Facebook users to express their reactions to a particular post on the social network.

The testing of the 'Reactions' button was first commenced by Facebook in Spain and Ireland in October 2015. Subsequently, the testing of the button was expanded to Facebook users in Chile, the Philippines, Portugal and Colombia; and soon, the button will be made available to the US users of Facebook for the first time.