Facebook launches ‘Instant Articles’ for Messenger

Facebook launches ‘Instant Articles’ for Messenger

Social network Facebook has revealed in a recent announcement that it is launching ‘Instant Articles’ for its Messenger instant messaging app. The availability of ‘Instant Articles’ feature to Messenger users will enable them to gain quick access to links shared on the chat platform.

In announcing ‘Instant Articles’ for Messenger, Facebook said that the feature -- which was first rolled out to mobile Facebook users in May last year -- is first being made available to the Android users of Messenger app, and will later be launched on iOS as well.

The availability of the ‘Instant Articles’ feature will give Messenger users the ability to share links to articles and news stories which can be opened up and loaded much faster than before, while the users chat with their friends.

The ‘Instant Articles’ feature in Messenger will show up to the users of the app by the way of a lightning bolt positioned over the top-right corner of some links shared in the app. ‘Instant Articles’ in Messenger will be faster to open; and will thus unfold a smoother experience for the reader.

About the availability of ‘Instant Articles’ feature in Messenger, product manager Josh Roberts said in statement: "When you tap on an Instant Article link in Facebook, it loads up to 10 times faster than a standard mobile Web article, so it was important to make sure everyone on Messenger could have the same great reading experience.”