Facebook to enable automatic captioning for video ads

Facebook to enable automatic captioning for video ads

Social network Facebook has revealed in a recently published blog post that it has efforts underway to enable automatic captioning for video advertisements.

According to the information shared by Facebook in the blog post, the company is rolling out a new metrics which will unfold captioned ads on the social networking site. The new metrics will not only be useful for advertisers, but will also help Facebook users understand a video ad without having to turn on the sound.

Facebook's move to add captions to the video ads playing on its network is essentially aimed at ensuring increased user engagement with ads. Moreover, the move will also give advertisers the ability to grab the attention of Facebook users with the help of interesting captions for their ads.

Facebook's decision to caption advertisements is apparently based on the findings of recent studies - including one carried out by Facebook in conjunction with market research company Nielsen - that captioned ads are better received by target audience as compared to ads with audio.

Highlighting the findings of its study, Facebook said in the blog post: "In mobile-feed environments, people prefer having the choice to opt in to sound. Our research found that when feed-based mobile video ads play loudly when people aren't expecting it, 80 percent react negatively, both toward the platform and the advertiser."