Fabletics Footwear: Not Your Momma's Sneakers

Fabletics Launched a New Line of Footwear and Fans are Raving

Twenty years ago, women's athletic shoes were clunky, expensive, and most often seen being stuffed into a gym bag before or after a workout. They were utilized by commuting women who couldn't bear a twenty block strut in their heels, or on power walks with the dog. However, these par­ticular shoes were not seen as trendy, didn't scream "posh", and retailers certainly didn't pay much attention to the need for stylish, affordable, func­tional, and beautiful athletic shoes.

Fast forward to a time in popular culture when athleisure reigns supreme, and you'll find no shortage of leggings-clad ladies maneuvering through all of life's errands, engagements, and intricacies with style, grace, and comfort. In today's fast paced life, women have dictated the need for foot­ wear that mimicked their active lifestyles, and after making their voices heard, designers everywhere took note.

While many companies have attempted to deliver the wildly sought after concept of an athletic footwear line focused on high quality, stylish design, and practical elements, many failed to recognize the importance of creating this entire package within a reasonable price point. After all, to­ day's modern women wanted it all without needing to take out a second mortgage for a decent pair of sneakers.

On the forefront of the athleisure trend, Fabletics was co-founded by perennial golden girl Kate Hudson, and parent company TechStyle Fashion Group. Since its' inception, the company's focus was to provide excellent quality, multi-functional, athletic inspired pieces of clothing to women of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyle needs. The company's inclusive mantra, "Live Your Passion", encouraged all women to find activities and endeavors that made them happy, and pursue those activities to their fullest potential. Through its' various campaigns, mission statements, and even through Hudson's daily life, Fabletics reveled in the notion that women should not only look good while running (literally, and metaphorically) through life's obstacles, but should also feel confident.

With that concept in mind, Fabletics has always worked tirelessly to create separates with functionality at the forefront. Strategically placed seams prevented chafing, hems and lengths were examined during movement and action, and mesh panels allowed for seamless hold during activity. It was this type of forethought that was wildly appreciated by adapters of the athleisure trend, and part of what has created a loyal legion of followers for the company.

Along with fantastic product design and quality of goods, and their body-positive atmosphere, Fabletics has also nailed the notion of community-driven marketing, which has allowed its' customers to create brand trust, and resulted in a community of willing brand ambassadors unlike the door-to-door cosmetics salespeople of decades past. Through a completely transparent business model, reviews from real customers make up a large portion of commentary on the brand's site, and social media involvement serves as yet another tool to garner insight, inspiration, and brand trust.

Fabletics has recognized the value in so much direct consumer feedback, and has utilized this feedback to tweak practices, develop brand identi­ty, and even create new product. "We are thrilled to expand the Fabletics brand into another new category with the launch of footwear, which is being introduced in direct response to feedback from our members," said Adam Goldenberg, co-CEO and co-founder of TechStyle Fashion Group.

With this foray into footwear completed, Fabletics has recently rolled out a capsule collection of athletic shoes, including various high top options, sneakers, slip-ons, and even cold weather options. As is true for the brand, they have taken great care in bringing to market a carefully curated col­ lection of footwear that maintains company culture. With this expansion, Fabletics has successfully solidified the top spot in the realm of athleisure, providing complete head-to-toe looks for the woman in motion.

From a functionality standpoint, the shoes are constructed to provide support, stability, and stamina throughout the day. For example, the Sierra High Top Sneakers alone boasts "comfortable memory foam insole, elastic inserts for easy on-and-off design, and flexible construction". Though all of the footwear featured in the collection maintains cross-functionality and smart design, the shoes are also visually appealing. With trendy design elements, including high end finishes and accents, zipper details, and reflective panels, each shoe provides enough design elements to translate seamlessly from the office, to evening activities, all without missing a beat.

Though the line is still incredibly new to market, the Fabletics site already boasts an impressive amount of reviews from customers who have raved about each of the collection's shoes. Keeping on trend with the company's honest approach to trust building, these reviews allow customers to voice their feeling regarding shoe fit, design and quality, and several other factors. With so much real-life insight from consumers, purchasing a pair of the newly launched Fabletics sneakers feels like a comfortable process, much less like taking a chance at the local mall.

While pricing is reasonable for all shoes, there is currently an introductory rate, aimed at introducing the brand into the hearts (and onto the feet) of consumers. As always, VIP membership with the company earns loyal Fabletics lovers special perks, free shipping, and the opportunity to earn free product.

By offering an extensive array of well-crafted gear, and combining the quality of product with transparent practices, community-based brand trust, and a body-positive mantra, Fabletics has proven itself to be a powerhouse within the world of athletic wear. With the newest introduction of foot­ wear, they have taken the final step (no pun intended) in providing women on the go with the complete arsenal needed to successfully "live their passion". As per the company's mission statement, they "create clothing that inspires you to stay active, whether that means competing in an iron(wo)man competition, sweating in the studio, or chasing after your kids." What better way to celebrate this mantra than with a new pair of shoes to slay the day in?