Expectations for Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco

High Expectations for Kyle Shanahan as a 49ers coach

No matter what team it is or position there is to fill, there are always a certain amount of expectations that people expect others to meet. Such is the case with Kyle Shanahan.

Shanahan, the former offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons, will make his official debut as the new 49ers head coach when the team begins their first training camp activities at the end of the month. He is beginning his first ever job as a head coach and despite being a rookie, many NFL players and analysts who have worked with him have given him the praise that he deserves.

Count Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan as one of the many supporters of Shanahan, who feels he will serve as an excellent head coach, especially after coming off a 2016 season that saw the Falcons make a Super Bowl appearance. Jed York, the CEO of the 49ers said that his kind of leadership brought out the best in players in all phases of his career. However, some have even taken to comparing Shanahan to New England Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick, who has a long run of successes and several Super Bowl titles to match.

This comparison comes from Tony Romo, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback who switched over to a broadcast analyst earlier this year. According to Romo, he believed that the 49ers team "hit a home run" in the hiring of Shanahan as their coach. He made mention of Shanahan's special offensive coaching abilities that led to the Falcons having the second best offense in the league last year in terms of yardage, behind only the rival New Orleans Saints. He added that he was almost kind of like the second quarterback on the team.

Needless to say, all of this praise means there are a lot of expectations for Shanahan to live up to for the 2017 NFL season, especially with him coming on as a rookie head coach. Shanahan is taking over a team that finished last year with a 2-14 record, but he is signed on for the next six years. It's not expected for him to take them to the Super Bowl as a rookie but being able to stabilize the team in his first year and building off of that as time goes on could put the 49ers back in the playoff hunt.