Ever Parmley a 14-year-old arrested for feeding the homeless.


California, a state of the United States of America had passed a bill that restricted the public and well-wishers from feeding the homeless. The ban was enacted to assist the health officials in trying to curb the spread of Hepatitis. However, this decision was not met well by the residents, advocates and other religious leaders. They termed this inhumane and unconstitutional.

The health officials made a statement saying that the spread of the disease was devastating and needed immediate solutions. The disease had already killed over 20 people and coasted the state millions to carry out massive vaccination programs to try to prevent further spread of the disease.

Several people had been apprehended in regard of the ban, the government saying that it will not stop under any circumstances until the public is safe from the disease.
January 14th several people were cited defying the ban and went ahead to feed the homeless. Among the people the police cited at a favorite park in El Cajon was a 14-year-old girl by the name Ever Parmely. The young girl was a volunteer that was working with a group of activists known as “Break the Ban”. The volunteer group was carrying out protests demanding the California government to call the ban off.
The police from East of San Diego made a statement that the volunteer group was practicing an illegal forum that defied the governments aims of protecting the residents of California from the devastating disease, Hepatitis A. According to researchers they attributed that if food was shared under absolute cleanliness, then there was no way the disease would spread.

The Health officials argued that the ban on feeding the homeless was due to lack of some facilities like bathrooms at the various parks. The homeless can’t access these facilities which meant that their hygiene was profoundly poor. The spread of the causative pathogens was through contact with an infected person. Bill Wells, the City’s Mayor expressed his frustrations saying that the public was viewing the whole issue (ban) from a negative perspective. He further said that the government had total compassion for the homeless and that their aim was not to portray them as criminals.

Ever together with the other activists were charged with violating the ban which prohibits the well-wishers from food sharing with the homeless. The penalties for violating that particular ban is a fine of not less than $1,000 or serve a jail term of up to 6 months.

Ever decided to be among the people who revolted the move saying that it was heartless, inhumane unconstitutional. Charges against Ever and her fellow activist still stand, but they vowed they would not stop carrying on with the protests.