Eric Pulier: California's Extraordinary Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an accomplished entrepreneur, published author, technologist, columnist, public speaker, and philanthropist. He is a leading force in enterprise and government technology. He has built and sold numerous boutique businesses, many of which continue to grow their success. He specializes in using technology to make businesses better or to create new businesses altogether. The desired end result is to disrupt current systems partially or completely to enhance structural aspects of the business sector, which becomes a lifelong commitment in the case of Pulier. In fact, Pulier’s success has led to some of the most renowned venture capital groups worldwide financing companies that he is responsible for founding or making successful.

A true entrepreneur is born with a passion for leadership and innovation, and isn’t afraid to start their career early. While Eric’s fellow elementary students were taking rudimentary spelling tests, he was programming computers in a new and incredibly fluid environment. Pulier wanted to find a new frontier, make a niche within that, and then create consistent growth. He wanted to take the relationship between business and technology to the next level. In high school, he started a database computer company while working at 7-11 to keep a strong work ethic and fund his upcoming projects. Keep in mind, this all took place in the early 80’s, when computer technology was fairly premature and few had taken advantage of its potential. Pulier’s mission and skill set would be shaped around his ability to sense opportunities like this and pounce on them.

In 1988, Eric Pulier graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in English and American Literature. He was already well known for his column in The Harvard Crimson as lead editor and writer. Upon graduation, Pulier immediately began investing in his career as an entrepreneur. He moved to LA in the early 90’s and started People Doing Things, which used technology to help with education, health care, and more. Shortly after, he started Digital Evolution, which merged with US Interactive LLC to serve a broader audience, as well as Media Platform, Akana, ServiceMesh, Starbright World, and Desktone.

Many of these startups were of both financial and personal importance, which is a conscience choice for Pulier. Take The Painted Turtle, for instance: this company serves to create a year-round camp and safe space for children with varying needs. Children who are not able to attend a traditional camp can enjoy this impactful experience thanks to the work of Pulier and his fellow founders and board directors.

Starbright World, which Pulier helped create immense growth for, is a program started in the 80’s that uses a network of almost 1,000 children’s hospitals and health partners in the U.S. to help children with major health problems. Children with chronic, critical or eventually fatal illnesses can enjoy learning, entertainment, and technological programs. More than 60 million children benefit from this charity, finding time for comfort and joy alongside their families.

Pulier learned quickly in his career that a business should evolve and withstand the elements of a changing market. This is outlined in his co-authored work, Understanding Enterprise SOA, which focuses on architecture in the service industry. It is absolutely an essential read for any technologists or businessmen who want to learn how to think bigger and see how other companies in various industries make SOA work for them. This work uncovers critical human factors that must be considered when using SOA technologies, how SOA affects business process management, and a helpful overview of enterprise software development.

Pulier’s current focus is on growing the companies he has founded over the years and engaging with his community to see what people want to be a part of in the coming years. He is also using blockchain technology and successful game mechanics to launch his latest venture, vAtomic Systems. Games will begin to incorporate digital goods and will visibly impact the economy. For past, present, and future inspiration, he looks to those who know how to give back. He is a big fan of Peter Diamandis: humanitarian, scientist, innovator supreme.

Aside from his many profitable business ventures, Pulier is also known for his activism and philanthropy. He was a supporter of, and activist for, the Clinton Global Initiative at its height. He is a board member of X-Prize, which uses competitive motivators with measurable goals to facilitate change, innovation and the overall thriving of humanity. He is also the Executive Director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. At home, Pulier stays busy helping to raise four children and helping to grow their naturally innovative minds so they can one day achieve their dreams and personal successes, too.

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