Electric vehicles in automakers’ mind

Electric vehicles in automakers’ mind

Major automobile brands including Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen have cleared that they are focusing on electric vehicles in the CES. In fact, many brands have been unveiled their concepts or prototypes at the CES.

GM has launched the final version of its Chevrolet Bolt. Faraday Future has also launched its FFZERO1 concept car, which resembles a Batmobile and is considered to be a game-changer in the automobile industry.

The California startup has announced at the CES that it will invest $1 billion in a Nevada manufacturing plant and expects cars to be produced within two years. Volkswagen used the platform to launch its BUDD-e, a Kombi minivan changed into an electric vehicle of the future.

The German automaker said that the electric cars would be on the road by the end of this decade. Ron Montoya of the auto research firm Edmunds.com is in the favor of VW’s minibus. “You can easily see that being a production car. Not only would it be a very stylish car that a lot of people have emotional connections with, but it could be potentially one of the first (electric) minivans”.

GM’s Chevrolet Bolt can be considered as cost effective version of the electric cars. The company has announced that the production would start later this year. The Bolt has been designed to travel 320 kilometers between charges and will cost under $30,000 after tax breaks.

GM chief executive Mary Barra said at CES that the Bolt EV is truly the first EV that ticks both boxes- long range and affordable price. Ford has also assured its plans to invest $2.5 billion in the next five years in electric car development. Its goal is to produce 13 new EV or hybrid vehicles by 2020.

There are many other automakers as well that have committed to electric as the segment has been gaining attention.