'Dying Light' and 'Rocket League' developers announce partnership between the two games

 Techland and Psyonix

In a recent announcement, game developers Techland and Psyonix - the respective creators of 'Dying Light' and 'Rocket League' games - have revealed that they have worked out a partnership to give the gamers of 'Dying Light' some flair of 'Rocket League' and vice versa.

The advantages of the Techland-Psyonix partnership can first be availed by the 'Dying Light' gamers. As a result of the partnership, 'Dying Light: The Following' gamers can now redeem a 'Rocket League'-themed orange and blue paint job for their 'Dying Light' dune buggies.

To redeem the distinctive 'Rocket League'-themed paint job for the dune buggy, Dying Light gamers simply have to enter 'LightMyRocket' code over on the 'Dying Light' website.

Though 'Dying Light' gamers have already started reaping the first rewards of the Techland-Psyonix partnership, 'Rocket League' gamers will have to wait until summer this year to enjoy similar benefits.

As part of their rewards of the Techland-Psyonix team-up, 'Rocket League' gamers will get access to 'Dying Light'-inspired customization items, to enable them to publicize their love of killing zombies even on the football pitch.