Doom developer id Software is working on new Quake title --- ‘Quake: Champions’

Doom developer id Software is working on new Quake title --- ‘Quake: Champions’

During Bethesda’s press conference at the E3 2016 event, Doom developer id Software announced that it has efforts underway to bring out a new Quake game. The game will be titled ‘Quake: Champions.”

Announcing that the Quake: Champions game is in development, id Software said that it has released the game’s brand new gameplay trailer.

Sharing details about the Quake: Champions game on stage during Bethesda’s E3 press conference, id Software’s Studio Director Tim Willits said that the new iteration of the competitive arena-based first-person shooter has been designed for newcomers and veterans. Willits also revealed that Quake: Champions will be a "fast" game, with incredible graphics running at "120hz with unlocked framerates."

In addition, according to the information disclosed by Willts, Quake: Champions will feature a "diverse cast of warriors" boasting distinctive characteristics and skills. Moreover, Bethesda and id Software also announced support for competitive tournaments and leagues.

The announcement of the new Quake: Champions title by id Software is noteworthy, especially since the previous entry in the mainline Quake game series -- Quake 4 -- was launched back in the year 2004. After that launch, a spin-off multiplayer game called Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and a free-to-play multiplayer game called Quake Live, were released.