Doe Deere Releases Lime Crime Kitty Bundles Lip Color Duos To Benefit Feral Cat Rescue

Doe Deere and Cats

You may not think that cat behavior and lipstick have any relationship to one another. However, one trendy lip product line just changed that. Lime Crime recently released some special lipstick bundles, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a unique nonprofit feline rescue in Los Angeles.
Lime Crime's Kitty Bundles Are Hotter Than A Mid-summer Day
The special lip color combos are called Kitty Bundles. Each set comes with two distinct colors that pair well together. There are four glamorous sets to choose from. The Purr set includes burnt bronze and rose bronze colors. Each one has the perfect hint of metallic finish for a smooth shine. The Bite set includes mauve and dark plum colors in a matte finish for a bold look that matches its name.

If you prefer flirty and mysterious, the Meow set features gold and rose colors with a metallic glittery finish. The Pounce set is the perfect combo that boasts an apricot beige color for a subtle look and a muted rose color for a more vibrant look. Both colors have a matte finish for a natural texture. These four sets feature pairings from Lime Crime's Unicorn, Velvetines and Diamond Crusher lip color lines. There are no animal byproducts in Lime Crime's merchandise, and none of the products have been tested on animals.
Kitty Bungalow Charm School For Wayward Cats Gives Hope To Felines
Los Angeles has had an overabundance of feral cats for several years. Although the Humane Society has trap-neuter-return programs, the problem is still widespread. Most feline rescues in the city focus on shelter cats that are surrendered or picked up as strays. Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats takes feral kittens and cats from the streets of the city and turns them into well-behaved pets. It is the only rescue in California that focuses 100 percent on feral felines.

The rescue group was formed in 2010. In addition to taking in feral cats from different parts of the city, the group works with other organizations to facilitate more TNR programs. They also help spread awareness about the city's feral cat problem and educate people to show them how they can help. At the Kitty Bungalow, any admitted feral cats are assured that they will not see the inside of a shelter. They are kept there until they learn their charms and are matched with a responsible, loving and committed human.

Since the city is full of both feline lovers and general animal lovers, the nonprofit organization is grateful for the support of compassionate residents. Also, it is gaining support from other parts of the country. The rescue's website features links for financial sponsorship. Local cat lovers can volunteer to help make a difference in the lives rescued cats and their future adopters. For lip color lovers, making a donation to this remarkable organization is as easy as buying some new lipstick online.

Lime Crime is thrilled about the new Kitty Bundles. When buyers put the colors to their lips, they can feel even better about themselves knowing that these glamorous hues are bringing food to the lips of hungry feral cats. Lime Crime's CEO Doe Deere is proud that the headquarters is full of animal lovers and that such a love is part of the company's culture. Many staff members have adopted several animals from their local shelters. Being an animal-friendly company that is committed to making animal-free products will always be part of Lime Crime's mission.
About Doe Deere
Doe grew up in New York City. Her philosophy about beauty is not what the current trend is or what color combination looks best. She believes that beauty is what feels right to an individual at the moment. While bold colors may seem perfect one day, muted tones may feel perfect the next day to a person. Doe says that being beautiful is feeling good about yourself by expressing yourself freely. It is not about concealing imperfections. Her philosophies are reflected in her Lime Crime cosmetics. There are colors and shades to meet any person's whims or preferences, and the possible combinations are stunning.

As the CEO and founder of Lime Crime, Doe said that the first part of the company's name is reflective of her favorite color. The second part of the name comes from the figurative idea that the makeup line's colors are vivid and beautiful enough to be illegal. Doe started by selling her own DIY fashion line on eBay in 2004. She always wore bright makeup when she modeled her own clothes, and she developed an idea to start a makeup line. Her idea became a reality in 2008 when she launched Lime Crime and offered highly pigmented and bold makeup colors.

As a woman who is a true example of self-made success, Doe generously shares advice with other female entrepreneurs. She welcomes her millions of followers to contact her for advice through Instagram. Doe said that following her intuition has been one of the keys to her success. Another important ingredient in Doe's recipe for success is listening. She listens to customers, employees and even people who dislike her. She believes that people can learn from anyone if they just listen. Many of her products were inspired by suggestions from her employees or customers. Doe also encourages her employees to embrace themselves and celebrate their uniqueness. She focuses on hiring women and minorities who share her passion for encouraging people to love themselves and protect animals.

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