Dodgers Lose Close Game to Rockies


It has been a tale of two seasons for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The team hardly lost any games for the first four months of the season. However, August was the beginning of a massive slump for the Dodgers that has carried over into September. What was first thought to be a minor slump has turned into a streak that has seen the team lose nine consecutive games. 1992 was the last times the Dodgers had a losing streak of that length. They are now 1-14 in their last 15 games. They have also lost nine games in a row at home. That is something they have not done in three decades.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has routinely downplayed the struggles of his team. However, it is obvious that even he thinks that things have become very serious. He admitted that he was watching the score of the Arizona game on Saturday. The Dodgers magic number to clinch their division was reduced yet again even though they lost. The Rockies did not waste any time taking the lead against the Dodgers on Saturday. They scored four runs off Dodger starter Alex Wood. A late Dodger comeback was to no avail. The Rockies would go on to win the game by a score of 6-5. It was just Wood's third loss of the season making him 14-3.

The Dodgers division title is still not in any serious danger despite how bad they have played for the past two weeks. However, fans of the Dodgers are justifiably concerned because of the bad timing of this long losing streak. The playoffs will begin in only three weeks. It is very hard for a team to start winning in the playoffs after they have been losing with regularity during the regular season. Therefore, many people are wondering if the team will be able to get all of this losing out of their system when the postseason finally starts.

Dave Roberts admits that there are some areas of concern that need to be addressed during the next three weeks. However, he believes that his team will be ready to go when the games really mean something. This attitude has not reassured Dodger fans who have seen their team make several quick exits from the playoffs during the past few years. The Dodgers were on a historic winning pace. It will be interesting to see how they deal with adversity.