Dodgers Looking to Make Big Moves


So far through the 2017 MLB season, the Los Angeles Dodgers have been one of the most dominating teams in Major League Baseball. They currently have a record of 71 wins and 31 losses, which is by far the best record in baseball. The team has been very strong all year in both hitting and pitching. However, they have had a recent setback when star pitcher Clayton Kershaw had to leave a game with an injury.

At this point, it appears that the injury to Kershaw is minor and he is only expected to miss a few starts. While he should be back with plenty of time prior to the playoffs, it still brings into question whether the team should be looking to add depth to the rotation. Several experts today believe that now is the time for the Dodgers to make a bold move by trading prospects for a quality starter (

Initially, manager Dave Roberts did not seem keen on making a trade. The team cohesion this year has been great and any change could be a negative. However, it now appears that he could be having a change of heart. The team is currently looking at a few different starting pitchers that are on the trading block. The most notable names on the block are Sonny Gray and Yu Darvish. Both of these pitchers are on struggling teams and could easily be a top four starter on the Dodgers.

The problem with going after either pitcher is that there are a lot of teams that are currently looking for a new starter as well. The Brewers, Red Sox, Astros, Cubs, and Yankees are all rumored to be looking to add pieces. In order to add one of the pitchers, there is a good chance that the Dodgers will need to overpay to get them.

While the Dodgers are concerned about paying too much for a pitcher at this point, there are many examples of a late season addition of a pitcher being the final push that a team needs. Last season, the Cubs traded for closing pitcher Aroldis Chapman. While they traded some very good players to get him, and Chapman went back to the Yankees this offseason, it is hard to believe that the Cubs would have won the World Series without him.