Dodgers Blow Late Lead to Phillies


The Los Angeles Dodgers continued to stumble and bumble through the final month of the season on Tuesday night. They suffered yet another loss. This time it was a 6-2 loss to the lowly Philadelphia Phillies. The Dodgers are in the midst of a dreadful stretch in which wins have been very few and far between. It seems like a lifetime ago when many people thought the Dodgers might actually break the record for the most wins in a season. They have no possibility of breaking that record due to the dismal way they have played during the past month. However, they will easily qualify for the playoffs. Their magic number has now been reduced to two.

Many theories have been posed in an attempt to explain the woes of the Dodgers during the second half of the season. Some people believe it is the result of giving starting players too many days off. Others believe it is simply a case of the team taking their foot off the gas pedal when they got out to a huge lead in their division. Whatever the case may be, Dodger manager Dave Roberts has assured fans that the team will be ready to go once the playoffs officially get started.

The Dodgers were certainly not in playoff form when they blew a 2-0 lead to one of the worst teams in baseball on Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park. Pedro Baez had a meltdown in the bottom of the seventh inning when he gave up four earned runs on two hits and two walks while only recording two outs. It was his third blown save and sixth loss of the year. Dodger starter Yu Darvish held up his end of the bargain. He pitched 5 1/3 innings and only gave up a single unearned run on four hits. He also struck out seven Phillies.

The Dodgers have now gone 5-19 in the last 24 games. That is certainly not a good thing for a team that will be playing in a playoff series in just a couple of weeks. Dave Roberts says it is hard to play against teams that have already been eliminated late in the season. He says the bottom teams are willing to take risks and play a less conservative style of baseball because they have nothing to lose. The players on the bad teams know they will be playing golf when the season ends.