Disneyworld's Biggest Fan Hits 2,000 Consecutive Days of Visiting the Park


Disneyworld's Biggest Fan Hits 2,000 Consecutive Days of Visiting the Park

When Huntington Beach local Jeff Reitz started making Disneyland a part of his daily routine, things were different. It was the first day of 2012, and the unemployed Reitz was looking for a way to make himself feel better while seeking out new employment opportunities. When he went on his daily trips to Disneyland in Anaheim, Reitz found that he felt relaxed and happy. As the owner of an annual pass, he was able to visit the popular park on a discounted rate. And so he kept going—and going!

Before long, Reitz had racked up a whopping 2,000 consecutive daily visits to the park. Although he did end up finding employment at the VA Long Beach Healthcare System, Reitz decided that it might be fun to attempt to keep his daily routine going strong. Since he has stated that his Disneyland trips help him to keep a positive outlook, it's not surprising that Reitz easily surpassed his initial goal of 1,000 consecutive Disneyland days. From the people watching to the rides and all of the wild characters walking around, it seems as though Reitz never runs out of fun activities when he visits Disneyland.

Even Disney officials have weighed in on their most faithful fan, stating they believe it is very likely that Reitz's record of daily fandom will go unchallenged. They also speak of the way in which the park helps Reitz to unwind after work. As far as his favorite rides go, Reitz has commented that he finds Matterhorn Bobsleds the most fun to ride. In fact, he even recalls taking a turn on this same ride when he was two years old, so it would seem that Reitz's love for all things Disney is firmly entrenched in his character. However, he has also indulged in the latest Guardians of the Galaxy ride and is looking forward to the debut of "Fantasmic" on the seventeenth of July this year.