Democratic Candidate Could be California's First Asian Governor

An expert in finance and compliance is gaining favor among the considerable Democratic constituency of the Golden State, and some analysts believe that he may become the first Asian American to be elected to the Governor's Office.

John Chiang has served the state of California for more than two decades, mostly as a treasury expert who has looked over matters related to pensions, budgets, revenue, and taxation. As a prospective candidate ,Chiang faces considerable opposition from big names such as Antonio Villaraigosa, a former and very popular mayor of Los Angeles, and Gavin Newsom, a seasoned politician who was running mate to Governor Jerry Brown. Notwithstanding his opponents, Chiang has a substantial advantage in terms of appealing to Asian Americans.

Chiang is not a California native. He was born in Chicago and studied in South Florida before moving to Los Angeles 30 years ago. Chiang has filled various state government positions; some have been political but most have been related to finance, his area of expertise. To prepare for his candidacy, Chiang procured a recreational vehicle so that he could tour the expansive 58 counties that comprise the Golden State.

As a state finance manager, Chiang is known to have challenged previous Governors when they attempted to sign unbalanced budgets into law. Chiang knows that income inequality and housing are two pressing matters that California needs to work on, and he is researching action plans with an emphasis on appropriating funds that will help alleviate the economic burden of certain population segments.

When it comes to protecting state coffers and the revenue that should be invested for the benefit of Californians, Chiang has a history of supporting initiatives such as community clinics for low-income families. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Chiang stated that he believes Asian Americans are not properly represented in terms of politics in many parts of the state. He also told a story about growing up as the son of Taiwanese immigrants who had to endure poverty, prejudice and bigotry.

With regard to the role that California has played in the Trump administration, Chiang thinks that the state is in leadership position due to the vast economic contribution it provides to the rest of the country. Chiang is also a firm believer in the socioeconomic power of diversity, and he plans on developing his campaign around issues that promote diversity in the Golden States.