Dementia patients could benefit from cancer drug

Dementia patients could benefit from a drug generally prescribed for cancer patients. According to researchers associated with the study, the drug offers benefits to patients suffering cognitive decline. This drug RGFP966 is used in the cancer therapy.

According to a new study, done by researchers of Rutgers University and the University of California, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the same drug helps the brain in keeping the neurons alive.

Researchers applied the drug on rats and found that it helped them to keep and remember more information.

Kasia M Bieszczad, assistant professor at the Rutgers University, said "Memory-making in neurological conditions like Alzheimer's disease is often poor or absent altogether once a person is in the advanced stages of the disease. This drug could rescue the ability to make new memories that are rich in detail and content, even in the worst case scenarios."

Alzheimer's disease shrinks and damages the memory cells and other crucial brain functions. This disease is irreversible.

Bieszczad said, "People learning to speak again after a disease or injury as well as those undergoing cochlear implantation to reverse previous deafness, may be helped by this type of therapeutic treatment in the future."