Decide if Vapingis good or bad for your teenager

Decide if Vapingis good or bad for your teenager

A new study published this week in the journal Tobacco Control explains what exactly is vaping among teenagers. It is believed to influence teenagers to take up smoking as they become adults. This can continue as they may start taking marijuana or heroin. Who knows whether the inclination that once began has an end?

Vaping is term given to trend of using electronic cigarettes or vaporizers. Liquids that are used in vaporizers are variety of them. The juices may contain nicotine, marijuana or other harmful substances. There are juices that may contain no drug at all. The vaping devices heat up small amount of these liquids to produce vapor that are inhaled by users.

The study found that about one third of those teens who vape use only those vaping juices that do not contain nicotine, marijuana or other drugs. So they suggest that recent claim of rise in teens that vaporize is not an indicator of nicotine epidemic.

A team at the University of Michigan that conducts the federal Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey, one of the gold-standard annual assessments of teen substance use in the United States, stated that in the most recent MTF survey nicotine-based vaping was reported as uncommon among teenagers.

It found that 13% of eighth-grade vapers have chosen nicotine to vape during their most recent vaping, the proportion for10th- and 12th-grade vapers was 20%. There were only 6% of teenagers in three of the grades to vape marijuana.

Vping has become increasing popular among high school students in most recent years. Some believe vaping is a good alternative to smoking as it exposes user to less number of harmful chemicals. On the flip side, some assert vaping inclines users toward taking up smoking and that vaping is harmful as it contains harmful chemicals.