Deadliest Week in California Wildfires Ever

California Wildfires

The costliest wildfires in California's history continues to leave the state in havoc causing the deaths of more than 31 people. Firefighters continue to battle at least 21 wildfires that have already destroyed more than 194,000 acres. The largest fire has been named the Atlas Fire. Located in Napa and Solano counties, firefighters have this fire that has already destroyed over 40,000 acres only 3 percent contained. The second largest fire is called the Tubbs Fire. This fire has already destroyed over 34,000 acres and is only 10 percent contained. Firefights have the fire in Butte County 60 percent contained.

Weather Fueling Fires

Red flag warnings have firefighters concerned. These warnings that are issued because of high winds and low humidity are now scheduled to not expire until 11 PM Friday. Winds could gust up to 40 miles per hour and no rain is in the forecast. Unfortunately, officials know that this is the type of weather that makes it extremely difficult to fight wildfires.

Thankful for Help

Officials, however, say that they are thankful for the 170 firetrucks that have arrived from outside California. Over 8,000 firefighters are currently battling the fires with many of them working for days with no sleep. Yet, many are refusing to come off the front lines until they know that they have been adequately replaced by those coming from out of state. Some firefighters are even losing their own homes as the fires change directions without warning.


All of the reported victims have been older than 57 years so far, but officials are afraid that the number will continue to rise. One person who perished was 75-year-old Carmen Berriz. After watching her home go up in smoke, the couple who had been married for 55 years took shelter in the family's swimming pool. She quit breathing just as the worse of the wildfires seemed to pass, according to her husband.

Town Residents Told to Flee

On Thursday, residents of Calistoga were told that if they remained in their homes, they could not expect any help from the government as wildfires threatened the town. The fire has already destroyed 2,800 homes in Santa Rosa, California.