David Guillod, Hollywood producer accused of sexual assault.

sexual assault

The police department from Los Angeles reported having opened a thorough investigation of one Hollywood celebrity David Guillod for allegations of unconsciously sexually assaulting Jessica Barth. The police said that they were hunting for his DNA which they were going to try to compare and probably be used for further investigations. According to reports, an official warrant was issued to the police officers to hunt down for the Holly wood producers DNA. The DNA was to be used to serve as evidence to clarify and proof whether claims issued by “Ted” actress Jessica Barth of the “Atomic Blonde” David Guillod had really drugged and unconsciously sexually assaulted her back in the year 2012.

In the month of November actress Jessica Barth took Guillod’s sexual allegation public. The police were not contented with her move for making such allegations in public before addressing the issue to the police officials. When she was approached on the same she clearly reported that she had already made an official and handed an original report shortly after the assault had transpired. The Los Angeles Police department responded with immediate effect and carried an investigation according to her claims but the case was later closed back in 2014.According to one of the news houses, previously the police officers didn’t collect a sample of Gullo's DNA. Due to this failure, the police had no other option but to re-open the case due to new allegations.

Based on actress Barth, 37, version of the story, during the night she claimed Guillod had assaulted her, she had gone for dinner with the producer. According to documents that were presented, moments after she started feeling drowsy after having several glasses of wine. She claimed that she lost control of herself and went unconscious. Asked whether she could account what trailed after dinner, she could not register even a single event. In her statement, she regained consciousness in her vehicle and she could remember Guillod yelling and shouting at her.

When she asked Guillod what transpired the previous night, he said that they only kissed but they never had sex. Barth reportedly visited the hospital where she acquired a rape kit. After testing the results came out positive, she had several bruises on most of her body parts and there was evidence of hickey on the upper part of her neck. Immediately after Barth made those allegations Guillod resigned from being the CEO of an entertainment company famously known as Primary Wave. It’s reported that other three women have since filed cases against Guillod for similar allegations.