Cyberspace is the new battlefield: Microsoft president says

Cyberspace is the new battlefield: Microsoft president says

The entry of nation-state attacks has further complicated issues and tricky factors influencing cybersecurity, according to Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith.

During his RSA Conference 2017 keynote on Tuesday, Smith said that there are already ample issues and complicating factors that influence cybersecurity, but the problem of nation-state attacks overrides all others.

Speaking on the topic, Smith said, “I think we should come together and reflect on one thing. There’s one thing that has clearly made this situation more challenging -- that is the entry of more nation-state attacks.”

Smith cited a number of incidents, including the notorious phishing attack on Hillary Clinton campaign chairperson John Podesta and the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack, to explain his point of view.

He suggested that use of the internet by civilians should be protected as part of an international set of accords. He urged everybody to come together to fight back the growing problem, saying cyberspace has become the new battlefield.