Cupertino Mayor assails Apple for evading taxes

Cupertino Mayor assails Apple for evading taxes

During a recent interview with The Guardian, Cupertino Mayor Barry Chang said that tech giant Apple - which is headquartered in Cupertino - has been evading taxes and hiding its profits in offshore accounts.

About Apple's apparent tax-evasion practices, Chang said that the company - which is the world's most valuable corporation, and Cupertino city's biggest resident - is "not willing to pay a dime" in taxes.

According to The Guardian report, the tax rate paid by Apple is approximately 2.3 percent; thanks largely to the loopholes in the tax system. The report also revealed that, during the period between 2013 and 2013, Apple paid $9.2 million in taxes to the city of Cupertino, even though the amount housed by the company in offshore accounts was a whopping $181 billion.

Attacking Apple for evading taxes, Chang said that the practices of the company are leaving the city of Cupertino overcrowded and decrepit. He also added that it had tried to force Apple to gift $100 million to infrastructural projects in Cupertino, by the motion was refused by the city council.

Asserting that Apple is "making profit, Chang said" ".they should share the responsibility for our city, but they won't. They abuse us."