Comic Con Lights Up San Diego Once Again

Comic Con

Every year, the city of San Diego is completely transformed. It happens around the third week of July, as cosplay enthusiasts, movie executives, actors and all types of creatives descend upon the Southern California city to celebrate their love of all things pop culture. This year is no exception, with experts saying that over 130,000 could be attending this year's convention. However, Comic Con wasn't always so wildly popular. In fact, when the convention made its dazzling debut over 47 years ago, there were only 300 people there.

Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that the corporatization of Comic Con has come with its own batch of concerns. Many loyal comic book fans say that the "Hollywood" vibe has affected their enjoyment of the event. Meanwhile, some vendors claim that they have been unable to ring up the kind of sales that they used to enjoy. Since the crowd has changed, it has become difficult to move the fan favorite items that used to dominate the showroom floor. Speaking of the showroom floor, it has also become more expensive to buy a booth. Some vendors claim that it has become prohibitively expensive, which is why they have chosen to bow out this year.

However, none of this has detracted from the marvelous mystique of Comic Con. Many movie fans will enjoy the opportunity to see panels including their favorite actors, directors and writers. Even the team from the Sharknado movies is said to be making an appearance! Indeed, it could be said that Comic Con now offers something for everyone. Although it's not just about comic books anymore, the convention has expanded to cover a wide range of topics. This means that everyone is bound to find something to entertain them, which makes the event very family friendly.

Also, the fact that Comic Con is held in beautiful San Diego certainly doesn't hurt. If attendees don't want to eat in the convention center, all they have to do is cross the street and then explore all of the magic offerings of the Gaslamp District. With world-renowned cuisine, this romantic area never fails to impress during evenings out. After decompressing from a long day of walking, many will relish the chance to relax and take in an Italian restaurant or Irish pub.