Clemson University and Toyota build ‘uBox’ concept car for Gen Z buyers

Clemson University and Toyota build ‘uBox’ concept car for Gen Z buyers

The graduate students at the International Center for Automotive Research at the Clemson University have collaborated with the engineers at Toyota Motor North America to design, engineer, and build a concept car called ‘uBox.’

The uBox concept car is specifically aimed at the next generation of auto buyers --- the so-called ‘Generation Z’ group, which comprises young people whose birth-years are between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s.

The uBox concept car is the sixth concept vehicle which has been built under the ‘Deep Orange’ series which involves a team-up of Clemson University’s graduate automotive engineering students with the transportation design students at California-bases ArtCenter College of Design, as well as automobile manufacturers.

Since the uBox concept car has been designed particularly to meet the needs of young entrepreneurs, the car is capable of offering recreation to its owners, and can also be transformed as an office space. The interior of the car can be easily altered, and extra space can be created in the vehicle by nesting its seats when they are not in use.

The uBox concept car has an all-electric powertrain; and it provides was an emission-free energy system which would enable owners to charge electronic devices with the help of several 110-volt sockets on the car’s interior and exterior.