Cisco Systems is acquiring Jasper Technologies for $1.4B in cash

Cisco Systems is acquiring Jasper Technologies for $1.4B in cash

In a Wednesday announcement, Cisco Systems Inc. said that it is acquiring privately-held Jasper Technologies --- a Santa Clara, California-based company which is chiefly focused on linking the so-called 'Internet of Things' (IoT) applications to network connections.

According to the announcement made by Cisco, the company is taking over Jasper in a $1.4 billion cash deal.

Since Jasper is one of the industry's leading platforms for IoT, which encompasses an increasing range of connected devices, appliances and machines, Cisco has revealed that the acquisition of Jasper will essentially give Cisco's customers the ability to connect, automate as well as manage a wide array of Internet-connected devices.

With regard to its plans for the integration of Jasper's IoT expertise with Cisco's core business of manufacturing computer networking equipment, Cisco said that it will offer new IoT services -- including enterprise Wi-Fi, security for connected devices, and advanced analytics -- to allow customers to manage device usage in a more effective manner.

Asserting that the amalgamation of Cisco's and Jasper's capabilities will simplify deployments which presently revolve around lots of different companies and pieces of software, Rowan Trollope - Cisco SVP and general manager of the IoT and Collaboration Business Unit - said on a recent conference call that the Cisco-Jasper merger "gives the customer everything they need, essentially, to build a connected business."