China has some sort of Will Hunting from 1997 drama Good Will Hunting to its claim

China has some sort of Will Hunting from 1997 drama Good Will Hunting to its claim

Remember ‘Good Will Hunting’ drama from 1997? It’s the time to discuss it. Actor Matt Damon in the drama played Will Hunting, a janitor who solved a complex math problem. Roger Ebert called the drama ‘fairly predictable’. A recent incidence in China made it more possible when Yu Jianchun, a 33-year-old package delivery man from China’s Henan province, solved an unsolved mathematics problem with a preciseness that surprised Chinese experts.

Yu, who is reportedly shy and self-effacing, calls himself slow-witted when he spoke to CNN. He received training at a vocational school before getting employed in a delivery company. Neither he received systematic training in number theory, nor took advanced math classes, according to Zhejiang University mathematics professor Cai Tianxin, who said Yu has an instinct and an extreme sensitivity to numbers.

Yu was able to devise a way to differentiate the Carmichael numbers from the true primes more easily. He worked on it for 8 years. He contacted many professors, but it was Cai who first responded to a letter from Yu. In June, Cai asked Yu to give a demonstration of his proof at Zhejiang University.

During the presentation, Yu did not use a guide or reference sheet. He was only dependent on his memory. Those present during lecture called his work either a novelty, or a result of a certain depth. Cai is now planning to publish Yu’s theory in a book on Carmichael numbers.

“I made my discoveries through intuition I would write down what I thought when inspiration struck about the Carmichael”, said Yu to China Daily, a state-backed Chinese newspaper. Yu has become a local hero. He had got job offer to work in mathematics field, leaving his last job as package delivery man.