Charlie Sheen hits out at his controversial doctor who claimed to have cured him of HIV

Charlie Sheen hits out at his controversial doctor who claimed to have cured him of HIV

Charlie Sheen has spoken against his controversial doctor who said he'd cured the troubled actor of HIV using arthritic goat's milk and suggested him to go off his meds.

In a tweet, the Anger Management star wrote that 'Dr Sam' aka Dr. Samir Chachoua, had been conducting his treatment for the virus illegally for 60 days in the US, where he isn’t allowed to practice medicine.

The tweet by Sheen has come after he received worrying news that his HIV numbers have gone ‘up’ after he was encouraged to halt consumption of his antiviral drugs.

The actor was diagnosed with the virus four years back. He was responding well to the drugs but had gone off his meds after he got substitute treatment from Chachoua a couple of months back.

The doctor had prominently injected himself with HIV positive blood of Sheen, claiming his 'cure' based on the milk of arthritic goats, had revealed the virus, 'undetectable' in the Hollywood star, Gawker.

In an interview with Bill Maher on Real Time, he said that the actor was the 'the first adult in history to go HIV negative, all because of his treatment and even said that he had 'cured countries' of HIV and Aids.

However, the 50-year-old Golden Globe winner has disproved the extraordinary claims, by tweeting, “Dr Sam I was with u in Mexico for 1 day. It's illegal for u to practice in U.S.A. where u treated me for 2 months”.

In an appearance on the Dr. Oz Show previous month, the actor also disclosed that his HIV numbers have been going up for first time after consuming the ‘cure’ given by the doctor.

While speaking to the 55-year-old cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Oz, the Anger Management star said that he had been non-detectable and checking the blood every seven days and then discovered that the numbers have gone back up.