Chaos in the Californian Democratic Party

California is the only state where everything is controlled by the Democratic Party. This ranges from the supermajorities in the state senate to many statewide offices. The state governor Jerry Brown has become a national hero for opposing the current administration, especially the move to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Following the withdrawal, the state passed a trade and cap program that is meant to control pollution in the state. However, despite these achievements, the New York Times reported that there are divisions within the party as they fight for the party leadership in the state. This is something that has even caught the attention of the national Democratic Party. It’s an indication of the divisions that exist in the party. The current division is between the outsiders and insiders and the moderates and the liberals. A Democratic state controller known as Betty T. Yee said that if the party fails to control the divisions in the party at all levels, it will fail in motivating the Democrats and this is a concern with upcoming midterms next year. One of the notable division is the one involving Eric C. Bauman and Kimberly Ellis. Kimberly refuses to concede defeat from Eric saying that there were voter irregularities within the party. For instance, the California Democrat says that the party allowed ineligible people to vote.

According to the New York Times, the party is expected to settle this matter on 20th August. On her part, Ms. Ellis has expressed that she is not willing to accept a no verdict and she will move to court if she is declared a looser. During the victory speech, some people who support Ms. Ellis would be heard shouting “not my chairman”. Addressing the issue, Mr. Bauman sympathized with Ms. Kimberly telling her to accept the defeat. He says that he has tried to be the most transparent and open chair the party has ever had in the state. He also mentions that he was elected under the party’s rules. As for Ms. Ellis, she is currently 44 years and was seen as an outsider for this vote. This is the first time that she has run for the party leadership. Prior to her bid, the New York Times reported that she used to work with Emerge America as an executive director. However, Nancy Pelosi has reminded the California Democrats that they have a task ahead of reclaiming the leadership. Pelosi said that they should remain focused.