Changing the Primary Nomination Dates in California

Nomination Dates

From the look of things, California wants to move the weight of the presidential nominations to the state early as they want the primary dates to be changed from June to March. This means that the largest number of delegates would be assigned to California after nominations in other states have been completed. The states where the nominations are expected to begin before California include South Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire and Iowa. However, this will be made possible if the move is adopted by the state legislature at the end of this week. Many people including experts expect the motion to pass. Also, the bill has to be accepted by the state’s governor Jerry Brown. According to political experts, the move is also designed to bolster the presidential bids by candidates from the state. These candidates include Eric Garcetti who is the mayor of Los Angeles and Kamala Harris who is a senator. The move should also jeopardize the efforts of smaller candidates who will be unable to raise enough campaign money. To succeed in a presidential bid in California, candidates require a budget to cover the expensive media market. A former Democratic National Committee known as Don Flower said that the Democratic candidate who will win in California would become the party’s nominee.

Despite being one of the largest and most populous states, California has struggled in the national politics. The state has always been marginalized because of the high campaign costs in the state and its late primary. The state tried this move in 2008, but it didn’t work as other states decided to move their nominations further. Also, the state was not decisive in the final tally as Hilary Clinton won in the primaries but lost to Barack Obama eventually. A former Republican legislative from the state who is now a political analyst say that regardless of the changes that the state implements, it will not work as they have tried this in the past and failed. The 2008 campaign was dominated by Clinton because she had deep political ties and fundraising. At the same time, there were few candidates at the time. However, from the look of things, the 2020 democratic field is taking shape meaning that several strong candidates will emerge. California has always been a fundraising destination for many presidential candidates as there are many donors from San Francisco. In fact, California and New York were in the past viewed as states where presidential hopefuls could raise money.