California's History Of WildFires


October In California
Recently, CNN did a report on wildfires in October. October has proven to be a devastating month in the history of California. Because of this state's location and its climate, California is a state that has had a long history of damaging fires. Unfortunately, five of the most damaging fires that have ever happened in the state of California have occurred in the month of October.

The Oakland Hills Fire of 1991
The Oakland Hills Fire was a devastating fire that took the lives of 25 individuals. On record, this was by far the most devastating fire in the state of California. The Oakland Hills Fire burned over 1500 acres, and it was so devastating because it was located in a highly populated area.

The Valley Fire Of 2015
The Valley Fire was a quick moving fire that took out over 50,000 acres of land. The fire was started by a faulty electrical connection, and four lives were taken in this huge fire.

The Fire Of October 2003
The October Fire of 2003 was a fire that burned 1650 structures, and it was a 91,200 acre fire. This was a fire that was produced out of an act of arson by an angry individual who was upset with a close family member. This individual's name was Ricky Lee Fowler. Ricky Lee Fowler was convicted of arson and murder. He ended up receiving a death sentence for the horror and devastation that he instigated.

What Happens Next For California
The whole world is hoping for the best when it comes to the safety of the state California this October. Due to all of the other natural disasters that have taken place within the last few months, the world truly needs a break. California has had a sad history of wildfires, but the residents of California remain resilient and strong in the face of these disasters. The vast majority of individuals who have survived fires have stayed in California, and they are proud of their beautiful state.