California Wildfires Destroy Camps Trapping Campers


Wildfires erupting as temperatures in California broke 131 year record highs temporarily trapped 90 children and 50 workers at a popular summer camp. Initially, all the firefighters could do is keep the fire from reaching the children and staff initially before they were able to take them to a nearby facility where they were reconnected with their parents.

Outdoor School at Rancho Alegre Destroyed

Meanwhile, the Boy Scouts of America suffered the death of their animals in the Nature Center at Outdoor School at Rancho Alegre located within the Los Padres National Forest. Many of the staff lost most of their belongings in the fire although no one was trapped in this case.

The camp lost all of their buildings except for the main dining room. Great sadness was felt by everyone who had ever camped here as the program had existed for 52 years. The local council is working with neighboring councils to try to accommodate boys for the rest of the summer.

Luckily only 10 permanent staff and three campers were at the location where camp was scheduled to start today. Staff have not been allowed on the property, so formal plans to continue the camp’s traditions cannot be set yet.

Fire Started by Car Fire

It is believed that a car fire started the fire that jumped across the highway through the area. Many people trying to escape the heat by camping at Lake Cachuma. Some campers did not get the word that they were under a mandatory evacuation until someone texted them. While many campers lost their camping gear, they considered themselves lucky.

Current Wall Fire

Over 15 wildfires have ravaged in California since July 1, 2017. Firefighters are most concerned about the Wall Fire that has already destroyed 5,000 acres. Three animal shelters have been established for people in the path of this devastating fire along with a shelter for people. This fire is only 35 percent contained.