California Wild Fires


As the first month of summer comes to a close, California's hot days are not helping to slow down the 17 wild fires currently raging across the state. The most considerable of which is the Detwiler Fire that has eaten up more than 45,000 acres in Mariposa County, just outside of the Yosemite National Park. Evacuations due to the fire have been extensive, affecting more than 4,000 residents. The situation has reached a level of such concern that Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency, lending understanding to the seriousness of this crisis.

While the heat isn't helping, neither is the abundance of grass and other foliage covering the state after the wealth of rainfall over the past winter. The intense weather has provided plenty of resources for plant life to sprout and grow thicker and taller, making the spread of fire more rapid. The wind and steep terrain have also added difficulty to the containment of the fire. However, California's mutual aid policy has been an immense help as firefighters from hundreds of miles away converge to assist their fellow responders. As the fire blazes on, it's comforting to know that the men and women fighting it can rely on their fellows, even from distant counties, to aid them in their battle.

As of now, the fire remains at 7 percent containment, and continues to threaten nearly 5,000 structures, while it has already destroyed 8. While Yosemite National Park remains open to visitors at this time, as the fire creeps closer and power lines feeding the park are endangered, that may change in the coming days. As families watch helplessly, hoping that their homes survive this crisis, their thoughts are undoubtedly also with the more than 2,200 firefighters and their selfless and tireless efforts to save what the evacuees were unable to take with them.

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