California State Legislature to Resume this Week

The holiday is over for California lawmakers as they are expected to resume today to address the numerous issues facing the state. On top of the agenda is the housing crisis that has affected the state. It has also been reported that the state is pondering whether to become a sanctuary state. Should the legislators pass this bill, illegal immigrants living in the United States could run to California. The state legislators have been on vacation for the last one month. This is a crucial time as the legislators only have four weeks before the end of the working year. Anything left will be addressed in January when they return for the second session. Below is a breakdown of the issues that will be discussed from today.

The housing agenda has been on top of the agenda of the Jerry Brown administration as they focus on stabilizing a housing market that has experienced rapidly rising and high housing costs. This was after an agreement with Governor Jerry Brown, Anthony Rendon who is the Assembly speaker as well as Tem Kevin de Leon who is the Senate president. They had promised a subsidized housing that would be taken care of by permanent and bond sources. The Democratic leaders had also promised for a review that would force regulatory changes in housing.
The changes would result in affordable housing. However, for this to happen, Jerry Brown has to convince all the relevant parties that include environmentalists, labor unions and developers.
Trade and Cap Money
The State of California managed to pass a cap and trade act that meant industries should pay to pollute. With such a program already existing, the new program will run up to 2030 meaning that the state can benefit from millions of dollars from polluting companies. When the bill was passed, the lawmakers were clear on the priorities of the program that included cleaner air, money, and zero-emission. Parks, forests and sustainable agriculture were other priorities that were outlined. What’s left now is deciding on the key priorities. However, they have already agreed that two- third of the money will go in the construction of speed rail. This portion will also touch on housing projects and public transit.
Sanctuary state
The issue of making California a sanctuary state will also be discussed. In regards to this, the state has already passed a law that requires local and state enforcement agencies to ignore the directives of the federal government related to immigration. This bill is seen as a response to the executive order that was signed by the president a few months ago.